33 RPM – Music Manipulations on Mobile Devices

33 RPM – Music Manipulations on Mobile Devices

Remember LPs from way back when? When music was played from a record player, musical artists and DJs relished at being able to control music by altering the speed at which it played. Nowadays, with digital media, software is your tool for making the playback move at the speed you desire, so you can pick up on notes and background pulses, so more sounds and details can be extracted and absorbed. 33 RPM is the app to get to make tracking of your music listening habits and discoveries effortless.

A free download, 33 RPM works on all variations of iOS devices, the only stipulation is that it requires iOS 11.0, which just came out. So, you will have to upgrade if you wish to experience this app. Another requirement is that you must have an Apple Music account. This app works only with music you have collected in Apple Music.

Once the app is downloaded you will find a very easy to use interface that’s easy on the eyes, letting you enjoy the audio to its fullest potential.

33 RPM app screenshot

Major features include:

  • Tracking – 33 RPM tracks your Apple Music listening habits. Which songs you listen to most and when. Which songs do your friends listen to – those that are on Apple Music as well. Using this information you can easily see what your favorites are over time or just last year; same goes for artists and albums. Add favorite songs to particular playlists easily.
  • Social Media – find out what your friends are listening right now. You can share what you are listening by posting it. You can even play your friends’ songs using 33 RPM.
  • Discover – 33 RPM makes it easy to stumble up on new melodies and music based on the history of what you like and what you’ve favored over time. It takes into account the frequency with which you listen to particular genres and more to bring you suggestions you might otherwise not have considered.

The four icons at the bottom of the screen take you where you need to go with a simple tap. My Music presents your library in a user-friendly way. It gives you listening data for Today, This Week, and This Month. It also shows your Top Songs and Top Albums, even listing the number of times you listened to it. Timeline presents your listening and downloads over time, so you can see when you were busy, what you downloaded and what type of music you downloaded over time.  Discover takes you to a screen that makes suggestions for music based on your listening habits and preferences and even suggestions from others. It allows you to sample and later add to your library. Finally, Profile allows you to update and add information about yourself as a 33 RPM user.

In a nutshell, 33 RPM makes using Apple Music easier and more engaging. It adds a different dimension to your listening experience by adding the social media aspect and by using metadata to save your listening habits, helping you make the most of your library and add to it. It’s a recommended download if you are an avid Apple Music lover.

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