ATracker Makes Your Life Easier

ATracker Makes Your Life Easier

The days of over full planners are over. We all need a little assistance keepGoogle Play iconing our lives organized. No one remembers that morning meeting on their own, or the parent meeting that they were supposed to go to on their lunch break. Neither do we want papers flying out of the planners that are supposed to help.

Now, I know I am not the only one who is attached to my phone. If it is not on my phone, I most likely will not remember it. That is why I love the ATracker app. It is a new and improved time management app that will manage your time beautifully.

This is a time tracking app that uses an elegant minimalist user interface to keep your daily life on track. And not only is it easy, it takes little to no time to set up, so you are not taking extra time out of your day!

This app has many features and capabilities to make your life easier. You can use the start/stop feature for recordings, and you can also just pick a task from a list of the tasks that you defined at setup from the main screen.

You can personalize everything as much as you want. Defining a unique task is as easy as picking a name, with the advanced settings included, you can change the icon, color code it, and the timer is optional.

This app builds beautiful, flawless reports in a pie chart or bar graph format for all of your different tasks and time periods, all to help and assist to your time spending analysis.


Your data is not locked in your device, either. Take your personal assistant with you everywhere with its advanced features. All of your data can be easily exported into CSV format. That way, any user can post-process the data on their PC or Mac, so it is not a closed system.

ATracker has fully customized their interface, making it one of a kind and noticeably unique. You can choose any theme, color, background, font size, or language to personalize your app. It also has the ability to convert your calendar entries to ATracker entry, and you can compare the planned activities at once in calendar with actual time usage. How amazing!

You may be wondering, wat can I really do with ATracker? Well, I used it to keep myself organized and sane, these are not interchangeable for me.

The answer is as many activities as you can define and want to keep track of, ATracker will do it! There are so many examples. What is best is that the graphics are very well done and easy to see.

The usability of this app is most impressive. You do not need a tutorial to use it! This is a simple daily task and time tracking app, but it is very well developed and has little to no problems at all!

So, what are you waiting for? You have the time, go download ATracker-Daily Task and Time Tracking today!

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