Begin an Incredible Adventure with Sea Tale HD

Begin an Incredible Adventure with Sea Tale HD

An adventure game is a game in which the player assumes the role of protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving instead of physical challenge. Sea Tale HD is one of the adventure games developed by NevoSoft. You can feel a world underwater and live an exciting life with the main character of the game – Fishy.

Sea Tale HD is the beginning of an incredible adventure. Fishy needs your help, as it can’t make it on its own. The starfishes are hidden everywhere – from shoals and deep sea chasms to grottos and reefs. Fishy has a dream to ‘complete a collection of starfish’. You have to help little fishy to cross different hurdles coming in its way.

The entire theme of the game is based on an underwater adventure. There are 4 underwater locations: a shoal, a shipwreck, a reef and a grotto. The gamer has to control the fish by tapping the screen. Fishy moves when you tap behind its back. If you want to move it up, you can tap below. While controlling fishy, the gamer has to be aware of bombs, spikes, stones, and electrical discharge. They will need to open locked doors, clear stones from your path, break down walls and sidestep pitfalls. But when times are tough your true friends, other inhabitants of the underwater world, will come to your rescue and help you to return home safe and sound. You can unlock a higher level by crossing the easier ones. This can keep you more engrossed in the game for wanting to know the difficulties you may face in the higher levels.

The game has good graphics and comes in different languages. There are unique and charming characters in the game that will attract kids as well as adults. To hold the gamers attention, the developers have made use of nice background music. Sea Tale HD will prove to be very enjoyable for everyone. Though not much new a-idea is used in this gaming app, it is yet perfect for passing your leisure time. So get going and tap your i-devices to experience a whole new gaming fun with little fishy.

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