Movie Show Discovers Hidden Gems in Entertainment Industry

Movie Show Discovers Hidden Gems in Entertainment Industry

Google Play iconMobile phones over the last 10 years have grown in size and improved in terms of performance. Better processors and internet speed have made mobile devices an integral part of our every day lives. We have reached a point now where we cannot imagine life without our smart phones although the market is divided in two. There are the iOS users who are closely associated with Apple devices like iPhones and iPads then there are the Android Users who associate themselves with Android devices. Mobile devices have gone far beyond the everyday usage of making calls, surfing the internet and texting. We can now search and read up on movies thanks to apps like Movie Show.

Movie show is a free application that can be found in the Android store which allows users to search television shows and movies they love. On top of providing users with the ability to read up on awesome movies in genres like action, comedy, adventure, sci-fi, thriller and documentaries as well as popular TV shows like Family guy, American Dad, Movie Show has six special features.

Create a watch list: There is nothing better than being able to create a watch list of everything you watch. This gem of an application allows users to create their own personalised watch list of TV shows and movies without having to look them up each time they boot up the application.

Be up to date: Movie show users can discover top rated, popular, now playing as well as up and coming movies without having to look elsewhere. Although research can be done on Google, being able to do it on the application means users do not have to close it for research purposes as all the information they need is right there.

Know your actors/actresses: Movie Show makes it easy to research actors and all other relevant information about a TV show or a movie.

Critic reviews: Critic power houses like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes are highly thought of by many movies lovers and their thoughts on movies or TV shows carries a lot of weight. Movie Show allows you to read what these critics have had to say about a movie or TV show before you watch it.

Movie show is a one of a kind application and is a must have for those with an Android device for a variety of reasons. What it does better than many app on the market is it brings everything a movie lover needs to the table in one place. Everything from movie reviews, images and details of top rated, upcoming, popular and now playing movies, an excellent user friendly lay out, ability to create a playlist and top notch performance are all there. You can never go wrong by downloading this app because its search feature allows you to even read up on little known or unknown movies too. This is wonderful for those who love discovering hidden gems in the entertainment industry.

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