PDF Reader Enhances iPad Reading Experience

PDF Reader Enhances iPad Reading Experience

I think iPad is a convenient device for a lot of things like on the go browsing, typing a line or two notes, playing games, listening to music, casual emails and watching videos. More importantly it can be an excellent e-reader, if you have the right apps by your side.

Kdan Mobile’s iPad Reader is an iPad PDF handling app that helps in viewing and sharing PDF files. Let us start from the mainscreen. The file navigator is conveniently placed at the left-hand side, while other options can be found at the bottom of the navigator.  Folders and files can be added and removed from this navigation bar.

There is also a Private folder, which needs a password to be accessed. Users can also hide this folder from the navigation. PDF Reader supports Cloud storage services like Google Docs, Box.net, iDisk and Dropbox and files can also be shared through the Wifi. There is a built-in browser to facilitate the download of important documents and forms.

This app uses the camera to scan and save images and documents. Or else, one can import images from the photo library of the device.  PDF Reader features a well-documented information area that offers comprehensive guidance on using it. PDF files can be zoomed, bookmarked, converted to pure text mode, changed to thumbnail view etc., Text can be highlighted, underlined, struck-out or extracted from the file.

PDF Reader is easy-to-use and has a lot of functionalities. However, just like most of the reader apps, this app is also a bit on the expensive side – costs USD 4.99. Let us hope that that price will come down as the download numbers go up. Otherwise, I can’t point out any particular issue with this exceptional app.

PDF Reader is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later. This app is already very popular in the App Store and is said to have crossed millions of downloads.  It is one of the top 100 apps in many App Stores around the world. iPad reading is a pleasure – PDF Reader can help you get the most of it. Try it!

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