Play Spree Pop Now For Irresistible Fun

Play Spree Pop Now For Irresistible Fun

Spree Pop is an iPhone game that available for download on App Store. It’s an ideal pass time for both the novices and avid mobile gamers. I fall into the second category, and I’m offering this unbiased review on the fence. When you first download the game to your iPhone anxiety won’t let you wait to try later.

The vertical shooter is simple enough to get you going right away. No complicated twist or rules, to bar you from having fun. The game offers simple setup, but it’s addictive enough to keep you locked for long.

Spree Pop is a simple spaceship shooting game, reminiscent of the Space Invader. It epitomizes the traditional concept but presents more fun ways to enjoy the escapade. The app is dominated by three features: spaceship, bullets, and the alien monster. The idea is to take down as many monsters as you can to score the highest points without crashing to death. Sounds easy?

The game can only be described as fun, addictive, and challenging. Its basic shapes design amplifies its simplistic nature. Its design is dominated by exquisite colors and jaunty sound effects which offer the perfect retro feeling. This, coupled with the intuitive one-touch control, make it delightfully easy to play and enjoy the game. In summary, the game mechanics offers nothing out of the norm, but provide a sure way to keep you hooked.

Spree Pop

Playing Spree Pop is as easy as navigating the spaceship and shooting ammunitions towards the alien monsters. The red-eyed monsters come in different shapes such as square or circle. In addition the monsters feature numbers that indicate their health. A lower number means it will be easy to shoot and take down a monster.

To succeed, you must first destroy all the monster with low numbers before tackling those with high numbers. Some of the monsters drop upgrades when they die. The upgrades boost the projectile of your spaceship or provide a spray pattern to destroy monsters simultaneously. For this reason, you should aim the sprees carrying tanks since they provide quality upgrades. It’s quite enthralling to watch the sprees change colors and blow up like party popper in the night sky.

I have to give credit to the self-flying spaceship. You just steer it right or left via a slide of your finger back and forth along your iPhone screen. This gives you plenty of time enjoy the shooting with minimal hassle.

It’s difficult to find a fault in Spree Pop’s design and game mechanics. However, the game has one major drawback, its ads supported. The large ad banners displayed at the bottom of the screen are truly distracting. The banner can be removed but only for a one-off fee. Although, the game itself is offered for free, paying to remove the ads banner was not impressive.

Can you reach the peak?  How many points can you collect? The onus is on your court, download the game for free on App Store and start enjoying right away. The game concept might not be new but, the gameplay is welcoming and refreshing. When you get acquainted with the rules and tricks, you will not be able to resist the thrill. The game is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

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