Reminder- Don’t You Forget About Me

Reminder- Don’t You Forget About Me

Google Play iconWe are constantly adding things to help declutter our lives, after a while we realize that these things just add to the unorganized mess. Reminder by made easy is the ultimate app that skips all the rigmaroles and keeps you in the loop.

We have all shared moments were our memory has failed us. Whether it be that task deadline or a loved one’s birthday, if the date slips your mind there can be serious consequences.

After some not so good experiences we think about purchasing a journal or daily planner- yes we have all been down that road! During the first few days the journal and yourself become best friends, pleasantly scribbling away on the fresh pages. Not too long after, the planner collects dust somewhere in the dark.

Switch to the eco-friendly option, Reminder. The crystal clear app allows you to save the date for every task and event you can think of. Tap to add a reminder and there you begin to organize your life in the simplest way possible.

Reminder screenshot

Like setting any reminder, add a title, description, date, and time. Customize the alarm repetition and time. Have easy access to view your completed reminders and revel in the structure and neatness that has been made crystal clear by the must-have application.

Scroll and search through your reminders and delete the ones that no longer count. You can bypass the scrolling by viewing the daily summary reminder, which will show you the reminders for that particular day.

In the settings menu, you can find other ways to customize the app to your liking. Toggle through light and dark themes, different ringtones for each reminder category, and add a widget. If you ever need a little guidance, the handy FAQ is in the menu.

Reminder promises that you can keep track of all your deadlines, birthdays, medication times, and bill due dates with just a few clicks. Life comes with many distractions, do not be a victim!


  • User-friendly – uncomplicated and effortless navigation
  • Customize alarms – quiet hourly reminders and recurring reminders, snooze option
  • Advanced reminders – great if you need to prepare or purchase gifts
  • Effortlessly edit or delete the app
  • View completed reminders in a separate folder
  • Grade and categorize your reminders with colored stars
  • Swiftly search through reminders
  • Daily summary reminder
  • Standard and Compact view options for list of reminders
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Superb themes to choose from
  • Auto backup and manual backup

Have you missed a special birthday, or maybe you could not keep a promise because you forgot it in the first place. Whatever slipped your mind, you will not have to be the guilty culprit again. Keep track of it all, it is time to get all of your ducks in a row.

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