Super School: Educational Kids Games & Rhyme

Super School: Educational Kids Games & Rhyme

Google Play iconChildren are the futures of tomorrow any decision we make on them now affects our future and what best way to secure our future other than investing in tour children’s education. Technological advancement has reshaped our everyday life and education is not left behind hence the super school application was developed using information technology to make learning easier and fun filled for toddlers and preschoolers and to further aid the educational system in its bid to train, intellectually stimulate the leaders of tomorrow. The super school educational application has succeeded in simplifying learning and turning it to games to be enjoyed by preschoolers and toddlers here is an application with over fifty children games fortified by learning nursery rhymes and songs, a syllabus specially and carefully designed by a team of experts with twenty year old experience in children education and psychology. The purpose of this little piece is to review this great learning application to guide parents, teachers, private school owners on what to expect on buying this special application.

Games: This is perhaps the most important feature of this application one might be tempted to think that gaming is not ideal for preschoolers maybe because of the notion many have that playing games is for the not too serious one but this is not the case here because these games were developed to stimulate the inborn and untapped academic potential of your children. here are some of the games the application has to offer:

Super School

Alphabet Trace – Toddlers and preschoolers can practice handwriting with this game you want your kids to have legible handwriting start here by letting them play this simple game.

Caterpillar Skip – This caterpillar skip game was modelled after the popular snake game and it was designed to help children do skip counting.
Color Catch – let your kids meet Mr. Brown and his family as they teach all your kids need to learn about colours from primary colour to secondary colour and even tertiary colour if it does exist

Match the Fruits and Vegetables:  In this game toddlers are afforded the opportunity to match fruits and vegetables like they want to make salad and while at that they can learn what each one of the vegetable or fruit is useful for sounds like the right place to teach kids the art of going green

Dot Connect Vehicles: This game allows your kids to connect the dots in this interesting game and while connecting the dot they also learn about different types of vehicles and counting.

Shape Catch: The world is full of different shapes this game allow kids to help distinguish between different shapes!
Grammar Flight:  As the name implies this game is about improving your kids grammar and lexicon by Flying around and catching the right balloons they learn about nouns, verbs & adjectives.
Gigi’s Piano – Gigi’s Piano is all about understanding different musical tones by playing on gigi’s piano while singing their favorite nursery rhyme.

New things to discover everyday: This application never runs out of new stuff discover new things each time you use the application.

Voiced Ebooks: The developers are constantly creating beautiful voiced ebooks for children to help them practice reading and discover themselves

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